2020 Asia Pacific International Industrial Coatings, Powder Coatings and Coatings Exhibition
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Exhibition time: 2020-05-28 ~ 2020-05-30
Venue: Chongqing Chongqing International Expo Center
Organizers: Guangdong Zhizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd., China Surface Engineering Association Painting Branch, Chongqing Coating Industry Association, Chongqing Automobile Engineering Society, Chongqing Surface Engineering Association, Guangdong Coating Industry Association
Organizer: Guangdong Zhizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Time: May 28-30, 2020

Venue: Chongqing International Expo Center

400+ 专业观众: 20000人次 Estimated size: 15,000 square metersExhibitors : 400+ professional visitors: 20,000 visitors

Exhibition Overview:

工业涂料、粉末涂料与涂装和制造行业的发展密不可分。 With revolutionary breakthroughs and cross-integrations in important areas such as information technology, new energy, new materials and cutting-edge directions, China's manufacturing industry is triggering a new round of industrial transformation, and the development of industrial coatings, powder coatings and coating and manufacturing industries Inseparable. VOCs 的排放限制日趋严格,漆改粉、油改水已成未来涂料涂装的大趋势,市场方向也随着悄然改变。 On the other hand, with the increasingly stringent national environmental protection policies, the restrictions on VOCs emissions are becoming stricter. Changing paint to powder and oil to water has become the general trend of future coatings, and the market direction has quietly changed. As the only municipality directly under the central government and national central city in western China, Chongqing is an important modern manufacturing base and high-tech industrial base in the country, and is also an economic and financial center in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. It radiates Xi'an, Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Guiyang, Major cities in the southwest, such as Liuzhou and Nanning. - 成都为核心的“成渝经济圈”已成为中国经济增长的 " 第四极 " The "Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle" with Chongqing - Chengdu as its core has become the " fourth pole " of China's economic growth . With the transfer of Chinese industry from east to west, guided by various government tax and service preferential and convenient policies, the pace of investment promotion has accelerated, and supporting facilities such as transportation and hotels have been gradually improved. Ford, Siemens, Bosch, Hewlett-Packard, General Electric , Mazda, Posco, Schneider, Asus, Sharp, Baosteel and other Fortune 500 companies have settled in succession. With the implementation of the country's "One Belt, One Road" strategy, with Chongqing as an important strategic fulcrum of the Silk Road Economic Belt, the southwestern region of the hinterland of the Maritime Silk Road industry will surely usher in more vigorous development.

广东省有色金属学会铝加工专业委员会、佛山市南海区铝型材行业协会、广东家电行业协会等多个机构协办 或支持, 5 21-23 日在广州保利世贸博览馆隆重举行。 The previous exhibition was co-sponsored by Guangdong Zhizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd. in conjunction with China Surface Engineering Association Painting Branch, Guangdong Coatings Industry Association and other organizations. Guangdong Automobile Industry Association , Guangdong Nonferrous Metals Society Aluminum Processing Professional Committee, Foshan Nanhai District Section Industry Association, Guangdong Household Electrical Appliances Industry Association and other organizations co-organized or supported, and was grandly held at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Hall on May 21-23 . 2019 亚太粉末涂料与涂装应用高峰论坛、 2019 中国(广州)汽车表面工程暨防腐蚀技术研讨会 、第十三届广州国际表面处理展览会 等多个同期会议 及活动, 主办单位、协办单位、参展商、专业观众等资源将深度整合,通过广泛的宣传及一对一观众组织,将为工业涂料 、粉末涂料、涂装设备、前处理以 及上下游企业搭建一个展示新技术新产品的国际化、专业化优秀平台,令到场的每一位 行业人士 都获益其中。 Concurrently held a number of concurrent conferences and activities such as the 2019 Asia Pacific Powder Coatings and Coatings Application Summit, the 2019 China (Guangzhou) Automotive Surface Engineering and Anticorrosion Technology Symposium , and the 13th Guangzhou International Surface Treatment Exhibition Units, exhibitors, professional visitors and other resources will be deeply integrated. Through extensive publicity and one-to-one visitor organization, it will build a new technology and new products for industrial coatings , powder coatings, coating equipment, pretreatment and upstream and downstream enterprises. The excellent internationalized and professional platform will benefit everyone in the industry .

The brand witnessed the strength, and the famous enterprises participated in the grand event. 届展会汇聚了 宝塔山、爱粤、睿智、东明化工、力昌、皇宙、瓦格纳尔、诺信、金马、帕柯、凯密特尔、青烽化工、 ABB 、新力光、松崎机器人、奥通、华群、东辉粉末等 400 多家高精尖的 涂料及设备 企业 参展 ,提供从工业涂料 粉末涂料 、涂装设备、前处理,检测仪器, 涂装加工 等各个环节最先进、最尖端的产品及技术。 The previous exhibition brought together Pagoda Mountain, Ai Yue, Wisdom, Dongming Chemical, Lichang, Huangzhou, Wagner, Nordson, Jinma, Paco, Kemite, Qingying Chemical, ABB , Xinliguang , Matsuzaki Robotics, Aotong, Huaqun, Donghui Powder and other more than 400 high-precision coating and equipment companies from around the world participated in the exhibition , providing everything from industrial coatings , powder coatings , coating equipment, pre-treatment, testing equipment to coating processing, etc. The most advanced and cutting-edge products and technologies. 韩国、 新加坡、马来西亚、中国台湾、 上海、四川 重庆 、福建、深圳等多个国内外工业涂料 粉末涂料行业协会将组团参观展会及参加同期活动,是 2020 年度中国西 工业涂料 粉末涂料 涂装 行业唯一的大型国际 会。 India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Shanghai, Sichuan , Chongqing , Fujian, Shenzhen and other domestic and international industrial coatings and powder coatings industry associations will visit the exhibition and participate in concurrent activities. It is the 2020 Western China Industry The only major international event in the paint and powder coating industry . 始终紧贴行业的发展需求,倡导绿色、环保型涂料产品的应用以及高质量涂装技术的推广,为行业搭建一个专业性、国际化的交流与共赢的平台。 The conference always keeps abreast of the development needs of the industry, advocates the application of green and environmentally friendly coating products and the promotion of high-quality coating technology, and builds a professional, internationalized exchange and win-win platform for the industry.

Exhibition scope

Industrial coatings

Water-based industrial coatings, automotive coatings, floor coatings, functional coatings, anticorrosive coatings, coating equipment and intelligent manufacturing;

VOCs 处理技术及设备、涂装废水处理技术及设备等。 Raw materials, production equipment, testing equipment, VOCs treatment technology and equipment, coating wastewater treatment technology and equipment for various industrial coatings .

Powder coating

热塑性粉末涂料 混合型粉末涂料、超细粉末涂料、 UV 固化粉末涂料 Powder coatings: thermosetting powder coatings, thermoplastic powder coatings, hybrid powder coatings, ultra-fine powder coatings, UV- curable powder coatings

Raw materials, additives and equipment for powder coatings: powder coating resins, pigments, fillers, powder coating additives, plasticizers, stabilizers

Pretreatment equipment and materials: pretreatment equipment, pretreatment agent, etc.

Powder coating production equipment and supporting equipment: powder coating production line, production equipment and accessories

Testing equipment and environmental protection equipment

Painting equipment and supporting

/ 手动喷枪、喷房、烘炉、自动喷涂系统、涂装机器人、输送系统、自动化控制系统、涂装工业 4.0 智慧工厂整体解决方案、涂装辅助设备、涂装工程设计、涂装生产线、涂装加工工艺等。 Automatic / manual spray gun, spray booth, oven, automatic spraying system, painting robot, conveying system, automation control system, painting industry 4.0 smart factory overall solution, painting auxiliary equipment, painting engineering design, painting production line, Painting and processing technology.

Concurrent activities

中国(重庆)汽车表面工程暨防腐蚀技术研讨会2020 China (Chongqing) Automotive Surface Engineering and Anticorrosion Technology Seminar

亚太国际粉末涂料涂装应用技术高峰论坛2020 Asia-Pacific International Powder Coatings Application Technology Summit Forum

工业涂料粉末涂料涂装新产品新技术推广会2020 Industrial Coating Powder Coating Painting New Product New Technology Promotion Conference

国际(重庆)表面处理电镀涂装展览会2020 International (Chongqing) Surface Treatment Plating Exhibition


Guangdong Zhizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd.

China Surface Engineering Association Painting Branch

Chongqing Coating Industry Association

Chongqing Automobile Engineering Society

Chongqing Surface Engineering Association

Guangdong Coatings Industry Association

Overseas cooperation / support unit

American Powder Coatings Association

/ 支持单位 Co-organizer / Supporting Unit

Taiwan Synthetic Resin Adhesives Industry Association

National Coatings Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

Taiwan Coatings Industry Association

China Waterborne Coatings Industry Strategic Alliance

SME Committee of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

China Building Materials Distribution Association Coatings Committee

Professional Committee of Aluminum Processing of Guangdong Nonferrous Metals Society

Guangdong Automobile Industry Association

Guangdong New Energy Automobile Industry Association

Guangdong Building Materials Industry Association

Foshan Nanhai District Aluminum Profile Industry Association

Changzhou Coatings Association

contact details:

Guangdong Zhizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd. Address: Room 307, Jiaxing Building, No. 15 Jinju Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou. Tel: 020-29193588, 29193589
Fax: 020-29193591
Website: www.icpcexpo.com

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