2014 Tenth Shanghai International Adhesive Tape, Protective Film and Optical Film Exhibition (Zhengya Exhibition)
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Exhibition time: 2014-07-17 ~ 2014-07-19
Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center (No. 1099 Guozhan Road, Pudong District)
Organizer: Zhengya Exhibition Organization
Organizers: Shanghai Fuya Exhibition Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Zhengya Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Focus on the high-performance film and tape industry, and experience the world's largest industry platform for material market applications and secondary processing technologies such as coating, slitting, die-cutting, and printing, all in [APFE]!

Held concurrently: The 10th International High-Function Film Show

辐射全球】 [Famous in Asia , global radiation]

简称 APFE] ,十届征程,磅礴呈现,展览总面积拟定 18,000 平方米,预计将云集业界中外品牌展商达 600 余家 ! The 10th Shanghai International Adhesive Tape, Protective Film and Optical Film Exhibition [ referred to as APFE] , the tenth journey, presented magnificently, the total exhibition area is planned to be 18,000 square meters, it is expected to gather more than 600 domestic and foreign brand exhibitors in the industry !

/ 胶带业界全球最大的展览会,展会由正亚展览公司于 2007 年全球首创举办至今,历经八年的国际推广与品牌打造,并不断引领与创新发展,现已成为薄膜 / 胶带业界商家无限扩展市场空间和全面提升行业品牌力量的最佳展览平台! [APFE] is the world's largest exhibition in the film / tape industry. The exhibition was first held in 2007 by Zhengya Exhibition Company . After eight years of international promotion and brand building, it has continued to lead and innovate and has now become a film / The best exhibition platform for businessmen in the tape industry to infinitely expand the market space and comprehensively enhance the strength of the industry brand!

胶带产业链, [APFE] 承前启后,以强大的中国市场需求为依托,紧跟产业发展脉搏,汇集来自业界的领先企业,为推动高性能薄膜及工业胶带行业在中国之发展与提升作出积极贡献。 Based on the film / tape industry chain, [APFE] builds on the strong Chinese market demand, follows the pulse of industry development, brings together leading companies from the industry, and promotes the development and improvement of high-performance film and industrial tape industry in China. Make a positive contribution. This year, there are three exhibition areas: material application area, secondary processing technology area, and chemical and raw materials area. [APFE2014] 将集技术交流、贸易合作、新品发布、品牌推广于一身,是年度全球最具影响力、规模最大薄膜 / 胶带行业年度盛会! From material market applications to industry manufacturing and processing technologies, [APFE2014] will integrate technology exchange, trade cooperation, new product release, and brand promotion in one. It is the world's most influential and largest annual film / tape industry annual event!

[Leading the future with thin films]

5 22-24 日在上海世博展览馆举办,展览面积达 16,000 平方米,有来自全球近 500 家相关薄膜 / 胶带制造商参加,品牌材料展商如积水、综研、道康宁、东洋油墨、四维、 ( ) 元化学、蓝星、凯鑫森、迎辉光电、博益鑫成、达美、 Hannam Hi-Tech 、通利光电、 DSCOTEC 、艾思尔、伊藤忠、高柏、萩原、凡纳克、万华、双星、旭光等强势登场; The previous exhibition was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center on May 22-24 , 2013 , with an exhibition area of 16,000 square meters. Nearly 500 related film / tape manufacturers from around the world participated. Brand material exhibitors such as Sekisui and Comprehensive Research , Dow Corning, Toyo Ink, Siwei, Co. , Ltd. , Blue Star , Kaixinsen , Yinghui Optoelectronics, Boyi Xincheng , Delta, Hannam Hi-Tech , Tongli Optoelectronics, DSCOTEC , Aisir , ITOCHU, Gao Kashiwa, Ebara, Fanak, Wanhua, Double Star, Xuguang and other strong debuts;

、亚德科,东芝、栗本铁工所、村田、爱德旺斯、 filemax PROTEM well Hannam Hi-Tech ,、 HI-lind SYSCO 、佳源,丰日、飞新达、中鼎高科、哈德、哈德胜、金昆、浩能科技、嵘昌、玉龙、富日、博业、钦扬、三工、正先、诺亨、玳纳特、大阳、严诚、 magico 、小森、中电二所等企业鼎力参展。 Exhibitors of processing technology equipment such as Yushunfa , Nordson, TEKNEK , Yadeke, Toshiba, Kurimoto Iron Works, Murata, Edwans , filemax , PROTEM , well , Hannam Hi-Tech , HI-lind , SYSCO , Jiayuan, Fengri, Feixinda, Zhongding Hi-Tech, Hard, Hadson, Jinkun, Haoneng Technology, Yongchang, Yulong, Fortune, Boye, Qinyang, Sangong, Zhengxian, Nuoheng , Knut , Dayang, Yancheng , magico , Komori, CLP and other companies participated in the exhibition. 2 万名专业观众到会参观。 The conference attracted more than 20,000 professional visitors from more than 30 countries and regions .

/ 胶带产业的会展平台为宗旨,将积极推动当今功能薄膜 / 胶带行业在应用领域的发展并引领着材料二次加工新技术方向! [APFE] The organizer Zhengya Exhibition Co., Ltd. is unparalleled in its spirit of dedication and excellence. With the purpose of building the world's largest film / tape industry's exhibition platform, it will actively promote today's functional film / tape industry in the application field. Develop and lead the new technology direction of material secondary processing!

[Multiplication of Business Opportunities, Gathering Businesses]

/ 胶带行业年度盛会,每届均吸引着来自国内外的业界几乎所有知名品牌,并受到行业中多家世界 500 强跨国公司支持与参与。 1. The world's largest annual film / tape industry event, each session attracted almost all well-known brands from the industry at home and abroad, and was supported and participated by many of the world's top 500 multinational companies in the industry .

, 日本、韩国,欧洲,美国,东南亚等国际买家云集,是业界宣传及市场开拓的最佳商机。 2. Expand the best business and trade platform in domestic and foreign markets . International buyers from Japan, South Korea, Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, etc. gather, which is the best business opportunity for industry promotion and market development.

3. Tens of thousands of professional visitors from electronics, optoelectronics, mobile phones, automobiles, home appliances, die-cutting processing, packaging, printing and other industries will attend the exhibition and will expand your market space and brand power indefinitely.

" 新技术、新产品、新理念、新市场 " 发布与探讨的强大集聚场所,汇集了当今最先进的薄膜 / 胶带材料、技术及最新资讯的专业大展。 4. A powerful gathering place for the industry's " new technology, new products, new ideas, new markets " release and discussion, a professional exhibition of today's most advanced film / tape materials, technology and the latest information.

Exhibition scope:

◆ Adhesive tape: Various adhesive tapes of various film, paper, cloth, foil, foam and other substrates, including double-sided tape, adhesive protective film, conductive tape, optical tape, high temperature tape, Foam tape and so on.

PC PE PVC BOPP LDPE 保护膜等各类保护用薄膜及相关离型膜 / 离型纸 & 淋膜纸等 ◆ Protective film: PET , PC , PE , PVC , BOPP , LDPE protective film and other protective films and related release films / release paper & coated paper, etc.

扩散膜、反射膜、增光膜(棱镜片)、增亮膜、光学级保护膜、光学 OCA TAC , 防刮花 HC , 磨砂抗炫光 AG 膜、导电膜、 ITO 膜、滤光片、偏振片、彩膜等 ◆ Optical film: polarizing film / diffusion film, reflective film, light-enhancing film (prism sheet), brightness-enhancing film, optical-grade protective film, optical OCA , TAC film , scratch-resistant HC film , matte anti-glare AG film, conductive film , ITO film, filter, polarizer, color film, etc.

电子薄膜 (PET PE PC ), 硬化膜 / 防刮膜、光学保护膜,光学 OCA 胶膜、 ITO 膜、绝缘薄膜,软包装薄膜,凹 / 凸版印刷膜 , 镀铝膜,标签膜,光伏膜、锂电池隔膜,装饰膜、贴膜、防爆膜、镭射膜、高亮膜等。 ◆ High-function films and sheets: photoelectric display / electronic film (PET , PE , PC, etc. ), hardened film / scratch-resistant film, optical protective film, optical OCA film, ITO film, insulating film, flexible packaging film, gravure / relief Printing film , aluminized film, label film, photovoltaic film, lithium battery separator, decorative film, foil, explosion-proof film, laser film, high-gloss film, etc.

◆ Production equipment and instruments: all kinds of film, tape and tape manufacturing process feeding, coating, drying, winding, laminating, rewinding, slitting, die cutting, packaging and other related equipment. 模切设备、贴合设备、卷取设备、模具、刀片,制膜设备、模压机,张力调控装置、纠编系统、静电消除器、辊筒,蒸镀 / 溅镀 /CVD 技術、真空成膜设备,拉丝机、电晕处理、表面处理设备、涂层干燥设备、 UV 固化设备,洁净、防护系统,分析 / 测量 / 测试仪器及相关控制系统,相关包装及印刷设备等。 Including precision coating equipment, slitting machine, slitting machine, rewinding machine, compound machine, automatic cutting table, cutting / die cutting equipment, laminating equipment, coiling equipment, molds, blades, film making equipment, compression presses , Tension control device, correction system, static eliminator, roller, evaporation / sputtering / CVD technology, vacuum film forming equipment, wire drawing machine, corona treatment, surface treatment equipment, coating drying equipment, UV curing equipment, Cleaning and protection systems, analysis / measurement / testing instruments and related control systems, related packaging and printing equipment, etc.

◆ Raw materials and chemical products: Raw materials and chemical products for the production of various films and tapes, including adhesives, release agents, resins, silicones, glues, solvents, waxes, hot melt adhesives, additives, inks and various auxiliary materials .

Booth cost:

USD 2800/9 平方米展位 / 展期 光地 (36 平方米起租 ) :国际展区 USD 280/ 平方米 / 展期 Zone T (international exhibition area): USD 2800/9 square meters booth / exhibition bare land (from 36 square meters rent ) : International exhibition area USD 280 / square meter / exhibition period

RMB 9800/9 平方米展位 / 展期 光地 (36 平方米起租 ) :国内企业 RMB 1000/ 平方米 / 展期 Zone A (domestic enterprises): RMB 9,800 / 9 square meters booth / exhibition bare land (from 36 square meters ) : domestic enterprises RMB 1000 / square meter / exhibition period

contact details:

Zhengya Exhibition Co., Ltd. [APFE Exhibition Organization]
Address: Room 1017, 10th Floor, 1855 Caoan Road, Shanghai, 201824
Phone: 021-33518238
Contact: Mr. Pan 13816833318
E-mail: zyexpo@163.com
http // www.zyexpo.com

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